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The price of this police protest

It didn’t matter what the findings of the Breonna Taylor grand jury were going to be. Black Lives Matter and their sympathizers were well prepared ... Read more

Blame both parties for this Supreme Court controversy

“You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election.” Sounds like something ... Read more

Was it really ‘ice’ for sale?

This time of year my thoughts always go back to the old green farmhouse of my youth. My grandparents worked hard and never seemed to ... Read more

Christopher Wray is the wrong man to lead FBI

In May of 2017, President Trump did the right thing and fired FBI Director James Comey, the individual at the center of the attempt to ... Read more

What really started these fires?

Lots of people in politics and the media out here in California are blaming global warming for the 26 major wildfires that have killed at ... Read more

Lower the voting age to 16? Should raise it to 80 instead!

San Francisco residents will vote on a measure in November to allow teenagers as young as 16 to vote in local elections. That’s according to ... Read more

The new kids in town

Location, location, location! Those words are well known in the real estate world as a key factor in either the sale or purchase of property. ... Read more

Nobel prizes are political

For over 100 years, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded. In that time, this honor has been viewed as the ultimate prize for any ... Read more

To spook, or is it not to spook?

Am I in Hell, or just L.A.? The other day it was 121 degrees here. There’s so much smoke in the air from all the ... Read more

Splitting hairs, with the U.S. Speaker of the House Pelosi

Before I decided to tackle this topic, I had a moment’s hesitation. Is the fact that Nancy Pelosi decided to get her hair done really ... Read more

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