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Miller: Things always change

Once in a while everything seems to fall into place perfectly, thus the cliché, perfect timing. My trucker hubby had a few days off and ... Read more

Crouere: It seems like the American left is married to the mask

Several months ago, President Joe Biden was vaccinated. In the White House, he is surrounded by people who have also been vaccinated. Nevertheless, he continues ... Read more

Purcell: The comfort from Mom

Scientific American describes my mother to a T. An article titled “The Incredible Importance of Mothers,” by social scientist Melanie Tannenbaum, lays out the argument ... Read more

Flowers: ‘Hate crime’ charges can be a slippery slope sometimes

I have renewed respect for Keith Ellison. The former congressman and current Attorney General of Minnesota appeared on “60 Minutes” last week and said that ... Read more

Crouere: Did a $3,700 ad campaign help to save the Senate?

Republicans and conservatives often rely on political “experts,” who are expensive and ineffective. One example is the prominent Republican consultant who was hired to win ... Read more

Miller: Putting things off till later

The sun peeks out hesitantly now and again as if to tease. Thirsty trees and shrubs have soaked up the moisture from an overnight and ... Read more

Readers’ Choice will be online as well as print

Each year, thousands of votes are cast in our Readers’ Choice contest as residents weigh in on their favorite businesses, restaurants, services and places. There ... Read more

Letter to Editor: Reagan’s column argument was awful

Dear Editor: I was dismayed to read the Opinion article, “Racism is not the Prevalent Problem that Dems Suggest, April 23,” by Michael Reagan, in ... Read more

Flowers: Is it a protest, or is it a riot?

When the Nazis wanted to march through Skokie, Ill., many of the residents were horrified. A large percentage were Jewish, and some had been interned ... Read more

Miller: A bit of family fun

The three cousins leisurely strolled toward the beach. One was blond, one brunette, and one with her color of the month. They laughed and chatted ... Read more

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